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Nodren Medical  based in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, is a leading technology distributor in growing healthcare industry. Our team has more then 10+ years of experience marketing, deploying and servicing  new and used medical equipment.

Nodren Medical has successfully introduced and marketed several key technologies in the areas of medical and aesthetic lasers, medical imaging and diagnostic equipment, cosmetic equipment,  etc.

Nodren Medical accumulates the expertise of specialists in various areas, from medicine  to IT experts, from sales to technical service, in order to provide both better  medical market penetration and clinical effectiveness.

For successful realization of the set goals we have well-formed and  educated staff of medical representatives and technical service  in the specified areas, and also organized fully equipped office and a productive capacity and warehouse in the center of Saint-Petersburg (including demonstration and medical educational facilities, and high skilled technical service personnel for various types of  equipment). The basic consumers of products and technologies that we represent are cosmetic and medical centers, private physicians and state clinics. As a dealer company we are able to accumulate crystallized feedback about a products on sale (via interactive web-sites for clinical practitioners, participation in most major medical conferences, mailing and phone lists, etc.) and share this invaluable data with the producers.

Nodren Medical provides  product information delivery to customers through meetings  as well as develops other ways of extensive information support (via web — resources, press activities, printed articles, trainings, seminars and finally through years of building and maintaining relationships  with physicians directly).

Nodren Medical is going to expand the product portfolio  and invites for co-operation  any  partners acting in promotion   health  care technologies over the world.

We are always open to new technologies and enthusiastic about new challenges and opportunities.

Please contact us in St. Petersburg, Russia:
tel:  +7 -812 — 491-45-26 ; +7 — 911 — 920 — 6798
WhatsApp: +7 962 685 5754
e-mail:  info@nordmed.org 


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